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Nosemonkey's EUtopia

In search of a European identity

April 4, 2008
by James Clive-Matthews

NATO, Russia and Europe

The NATO summit is the perfect illustration of the fraught relations of Russia and the West, but it’s also just a sideshow… Continue reading

January 22, 2008
by James Clive-Matthews

And you thought Haliburton was bad?

Rather than wait until after the elections, Serbia’s already signed that gas pipeline deal with Russia, effectively scuppering the EU-backed alternative. Now we’re going to end up with a president of Russia, Medvedev, who’ll not only be the former head … Continue reading

January 18, 2008
by James Clive-Matthews

Serbian elections: why you should care

Monday sees the first round of the Serbian presidential elections – and they could well prove vital for the future of Europe. If power shifts we could all, to coin a phrase, end up exponentially screwed. But surely, you might … Continue reading