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Nosemonkey's EUtopia

In search of a European identity

July 14, 2008
by Nosemonkey

The Union for the Mediterranean

Launched officially today, and I’ve yet to work out what it’s all for (bar an ego trip for Sarkozy and a jolly for various heads of state, that is). Mark Mardell has the handiest overview I’ve found so far – … Continue reading

November 16, 2007
by Nosemonkey

Brown, Miliband and the EU

Well, he may have ignored it for months, but now it’s finally taking shape – although it hardly seems to be overly well thought-out. So, was Foreign Secretary David Miliband’s choice of Bruges to deliver his first EU policy speech … Continue reading

November 15, 2007
by Nosemonkey

On foreign policy speeches, the elephant in the room, and a slight shift in focus

For a largely foreign policy-focussed blog, Gordon Brown’s offered little of any interest since becoming Prime Minister. He simply doesn’t seem to have much interest in the rest of the world, happily ignoring both the EU and the US for … Continue reading

January 19, 2007
by Nosemonkey

Constitutional confusion Redux

Despite some people making useful suggestions, elsewhere in the EU it seems all but impossible to shake of the spectre of that damned [tag]EU constitution[/tag]. Current European Union president Angela Merkel keeps on bringing the bloody thing up, repeating the … Continue reading