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In search of a European identity

August 15, 2008
by Nosemonkey

Strong words from the US, but it’s up to the EU – for now

From the press conference held by Condoleezza Rice this afternoon on the South Ossetia situation: “the way that Russia has brutally pushed this military operation well beyond the bounds of anything that might have related to South Ossetia calls into … Continue reading

August 11, 2008
by Nosemonkey

South Ossetia: Still simmering

So it seems that Georgia just doesn’t know when she’s beat – although quite what the real situation is there nobody seems to know, as there’s so much disinformation around. Who’s at fault here – Russia or Georgia? The answer’s … Continue reading

April 4, 2008
by Nosemonkey

NATO, Russia and Europe

The NATO summit is the perfect illustration of the fraught relations of Russia and the West, but it’s also just a sideshow… Continue reading