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In search of a European identity

January 19, 2007
by Nosemonkey

Constitutional confusion Redux

Despite some people making useful suggestions, elsewhere in the EU it seems all but impossible to shake of the spectre of that damned [tag]EU constitution[/tag]. Current European Union president Angela Merkel keeps on bringing the bloody thing up, repeating the … Continue reading

January 13, 2007
by Nosemonkey
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A weekend European roundup

The Economist’s Edward Lucas’s [tag]central Europe[/tag]an diary is well worth a read: “it is odd that Poland gets so much mockery. There is a kind of snobbish disdain for Europe’s east rooted very deeply in the British psyche. Before writing … Continue reading

December 18, 2006
by Nosemonkey

A quick European roundup

The BBC has a handy press summary of Europe-wide reactions to the EU’s mind-numbingly tedious and unproductive summit last week (which, like DJ Nozem, I simply couldn’t bring myself to pay any attention to, I’m afraid). EU Observer has a … Continue reading

December 11, 2005
by Nosemonkey

Carnival of German-American relations

Sixty years ago today, Germany declared war on the United States. To mark the occasion, check out the Carnival of German American Relations – lots of interesting stuff. Alternatively, check out Britblog Roundup 43, over at DK’s place. (Although amongst … Continue reading

October 10, 2005
by Nosemonkey

Power shifts

Looks like the balance of power in europe has shifted – Angela Merkel to take over the German Chancellorship. So, the left(ish) anti-war, pro-France leader of Europe’s largest economy is replaced with a right-wing, pro-war, pro-Busher who has hinted at … Continue reading

September 16, 2005
by Nosemonkey
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Kroes, Merkel and Commission impartiality

German elections: Controversial Dutch EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes (who caused a bit of fuss a year ago during the confirmation hearings for Barroso’s Commission thanks to her links to umpteen business interests and unproven allegations of shady dealings) has … Continue reading