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In search of a European identity

September 7, 2005
by Nosemonkey

Our government is trying to screw us while we’re not looking

Charles Clarke’s speech to the European Parliament from this morning (link courtesy of a kindly comment). Apparently the reason some people are wary of the EU is that it “does not appear to give sufficient priority to offering practical solutions … Continue reading

July 22, 2005
by Nosemonkey

The Vauxhall incident

Otherwise known as a prime example of the problems of citizen journalism (and hysterical women)… (This follows today’s liveblog coverage of the shooting at Stockwell and other events.) First pondering: “I find it strange there aren’t many press stories about … Continue reading

July 19, 2005
by Nosemonkey

Terrorism: a piece of piss

Reuters reports a new leak hinting at another “intelligence failure”, this time about how we seemed taken by surprise by the London bombs: “Pressure on the country’s intelligence services intensified on Tuesday with the leaking of a memo in which … Continue reading

February 15, 2005
by Nosemonkey


Via Political Theory Daily Review, a pdf article providing an interesting (if flawed) overview of the development of the concepts of “sovereignty” and “the nation state” which EU-sceptics often seem to get so worked up about, as well as the … Continue reading