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In search of a European identity

December 21, 2004
by Nosemonkey

The problem(s) with ID cards

Everyone I’ve spoken to recently has been doing the same old “if you’ve done nothing wrong…” arguments, usually followed by the “so what’s the big deal?” line. Normally, after a five minute rant, I manage to convince them that this … Continue reading

November 24, 2004
by Nosemonkey

Ukraine crisis continued – violence approaching?

Following this and this… 3pm: Ukranian special police will defend the people if Russian troops attack, while Russia refuses to confirm or deny its troops’ presence. 3:20pm: Another new site in support of Ukranian democracy (sorry – link corrected – … Continue reading

November 22, 2004
by Nosemonkey

Breaking News: Military-backed coup in the Ukraine?

Tuesday note – I’ll try and keep this post updated throughout the day Note 2: It has been brought to my attention by Europhobia’s Matt that “the use of the definitive article is wrong and quite insulting in Ukraine. ‘The’ … Continue reading

November 22, 2004
by Nosemonkey
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Where next for democracy?

The New Republic analyses potential Democrat candidates for the 2008 elections (registration required, or try BugMeNot). Dismissing the ones who’ve had a lot of speculation already � the likes of John Edwards, Howard Dean, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama � … Continue reading

November 13, 2004
by Nosemonkey
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Olympics screws Greece, so why should London bother?

The initial estimated bill for Greece to host the Olympics was 4.2 billion euros (�3.2 billion; $6 billion). It turns out that the final tally is nearer 9 billion (�6.3 billion; $11.6 billion) – and that doesn’t even include the … Continue reading