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links for 2008-04-21


  1. Dropping by to wish you a good Saint Georges Day tommorow.
    Oh dear have I upset you and you think you`re harrased because someone posted who doesn`t admire you. have a good cry and gat over it, you big baby.

  2. Going through my RSS feeds after a revelry-induced hiatus, I come to one of my favourite sites and find the comment above. Pardon? If anyone’s upset, it seems to be Robin.

    Still, posts like that are useful. Eurovision is coming up, and that tends to get various factions a little over-excited. I’m for the turkey (although I’m not Irish)!

  3. Lisbon may be acceptable as a step towards a truly democratic and accountable Europe, but if we’re ever to get the changes we want, rather than a make-shift structure congealed together from compromises, we need to articulate an alternative vision.

    The petition “Five Demands For A Democratic Europe” is an attempt to do just that. Please consider signing:

  4. It’s an interesting idea, Five Demands, but won’t that get in the way of state sovereignty, having pan-European political parties? I can’t see Euro-sceptics in the UK being happy with the idea of having MEPs whose parties may be majority Irish, or Dutch, or German.