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links for 2008-03-04


  1. “He/she simply MUST be an advocate of free trade. ”

    What? Why? Inside Europe trade barriers must be fought, but the EU as s whole should always try to get favorable trade deals. What else is the point of the EU?

  2. RZ, we agree on the need for constant improvement of the internal market, it seems.

    But the EU and its member states should strive for open and free trade with the world in general. That is advantageous, if the EU countries take care of their competitiveness.

    In addition, the EU area is rich enough to offer developing countries preferential access to our markets, provided these preferences are general (WTO), not particular and trade distorting.

  3. RZ – Ralf’s pretty much covered it for me. Free trade within the EU is the whole point – though doesn’t currently happen to the extent that it should. Free (or more free than it is now) trade with the rest of the world should be the aim. I reckon, at any rate, but then I’m more or less a believer in free trade.