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Another reason for the lack of British politics here of late

An unsolicited email from the “Labour Supporters Network” (to which I have found myself signed up, despite not being a Labour supporter), purporting to be from General Secretary Peter Watt, and encouraging the Labour party’s members to follow their Chancellor’s example when it comes to their personal finances:

“The Labour Party receives £15 for every Co-operative Bank credit card account opened. That could pay for 2,000 campaign leaflets in crucial elections, or allow us to make calls to dozens of voters in key areas who will help decide the results of those elections… For every pound you spend on your credit card (regardless of whether you clear the monthly balance or not), the Labour Party will receive a further contribution”

Ah! Fiscal responsibility!

We’ve buggered up our finances by being rather dodgy with those loans (that may still see charges brought) combined with, erm… spending far more than we can afford. So we need you to bail us out by getting yourselves into debt. Just like wot Gordon’s done with the economy – borrow borrow borrow, spend spend spend, dip into the pension fund (because you can always top that up later, right?) and keep your fingers crossed that it all somehow works out in the long run.

One of the many things that pisses me off about British politics at the moment, that – the pathetic desperation and saleman-like approach to the electorate that seems to be the case with all the main parties. It was only a matter of time before they started flogging us credit cards, let’s face it – it’ll be life insurance next, and double-glazing.

By the by, newsflash to Labour supporters who’ve drifted away during the last few years: no matter who succeeds Blair, nothing’s going to change other than we get taken even less seriously on the international stage. (And that message goes just as strongly for Tories who think Cameron can change things…)

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