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Know anything about the Balkans these days?

Me neither. There is, however, a potentially important election going on in Serbia today, which could lead to independence for Kosovo. And we all remember how contentious that’s been, right?

To get an understanding of what’s going on, check out East Ethnia’s overview, or some analysis from Transitions Online, the Financial Times and the Economist. There’s also a vast amount at Serbianna.com (there’s a bit of a clue in the name…) – including a handy roundup of other stories on the elections from around the world.

As for why anyone from outside the region should care – Reuters and the New York Times sum it up.

Monday update: Financial Times: Serbia poll sees nationalist hardliners victory

Hardline nationalists won the largest share of votes again in Serbia’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, in a result that will keep “democratic forces” on the defensive for another four years.

EurActiv has more.


  1. The election results should not surprise, they show the same division that exists in all post-communist countries (i.e. democrats contra nationalists). The problem will be to form the government. If Tadić democrats manage to form coaltion, the things might go well, but there is always the possibility of Koštunica making coallition with Radical party if Kosovo problem is not solved so as nationalists in Serbia would like it to be solved.

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