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Sir Menzies

Yet more proof that you can’t believe the polls… 57% is a landslide in a thee-way race, second choice votes not withstanding. Huhne and Hughes evidently didn’t have a chance.

Now can we finally get some kind of standardised form of writing the guy’s sodding name? It’s MENZIES, not Ming. You don’t go around spelling Edinburgh “Edinburuh”, so why spell his name differently?

Either way: Blair, Cameron and Campbell – those Campaign for and English Parliament bods must be pleased to have the three main parties led by people with Scottish surnames…


  1. Gareth is happy; he's promised a constitutional convention. That that's pretty much been LD policy (unstated) for as log as I can remember doesn't seem to have twigged, yet.

    As for the polls? He didn't get 57% in the first round, only after Hughes' votes were redistributed. Yup, he was further ahead than I thought, but how do you poll when you can't identify?

    I reckon someone was massaging the odds, possibly Huhne or a supporter, big pockets were needed for it.

    I reckon we should get the 'yough' or however it's spelt back onto British keyboards; the Germans and Belgians get their own layouts (and they're a bugger to type on) so why can't we?

  2. "Ming" is the shortened form of his name. It ain't spelt "Menzies". You could conceivably spell it "Menz", but that would be silly. c.f Anthony Blair

  3. Larry; "Menzies" is pronounced "Ming", Ming is not a contraction, it's a miss spelling of his name. Saying it is correct, writing it is not. I do it all the time of course, but I'm a lazy blogger, the MSM gets paid to write this stuff.

  4. Ummm, 'Menzies' is pronounced 'Mingiz' ('ng' rather as in 'sing'). So, er, 'Ming' is a contraction.

  5. Fair enough Pete, I was obviously misinformed, I was sure that was hwo it's pronounced. Not that it actually matters really…