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People are stupid, part 4,567 – UK Polling Report:

“45% of Labour voters want Blair to go this year or next year”

Which means, of course, that 55% of Labour voters DON’T want him to go. Likewise, “67% of current Labour voters think [Gordon Brown] will be a good Prime Minister” – even though “51% think that �it will be pretty much �business as usual�”

In other words, they LIKE what Labour’s doing. they couldn’t care less about the erosion of civil liberties. Because civil liberties are not a vote-losing issue. It’s the economy, stupid, and until that REALLY begins to crumble, Labour will remain safely in power. We’re stuck with ’em.


  1. The British public are a bunch of greedy wankers – all they're interested in is money.

  2. "Which means, of course, that 55% of Labour voters DON'T want him to go."

    Not necessarily. It could mean 55% wish he had already gone.

    It's probably true that civil liberties aren't currently a vote winner for most people. They've never lived in a police state, so it won't be an issue until it begins to bite them, their family and friends. To quote Joni Mitchell –

    "Don't it always seem to go
    That you don't know what you've got till it's gone?"

  3. Actually, from those figures, we can only definitely say that 18% think that Blair is doing a good job – that's the minimum size of the overlap between those who like the look of Brown and who anticipate that he will be the same as Blair. Some proportion of 55% who don't want Blair to go may well dislike him, but believe that the alternative will be worse (Whether Brown of Cameron).