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Carnival of German-American relations

Sixty years ago today, Germany declared war on the United States. To mark the occasion, check out the Carnival of German American Relations – lots of interesting stuff.

Alternatively, check out Britblog Roundup 43, over at DK’s place. (Although amongst his 10,000 words per hour blogging output it’s very easy to miss it – prolific or obsessive compulsive I have yet to decide with that one…)


  1. I'd go with obsessive compulsive if I were you. And I write on the fly, as is probably obvious, so I can do it pretty quickly…


  2. A pedant writes…

    Surely Germany declared war on the States sixty four years ago today, not sixty. Or am I being incredibly dense?

  3. That strikes me as true and stuff. It is a Sunday though, so a bit of leeway's probably allowed. Unless they did it again in '45 and we missed it?

    In other news: must not cut and paste.

  4. NM:

    The earlier anonymous Pedant wasn't me. But I would agree with him: I saw that and thought "hang on".

    In your defence NM, the Atlantic Review is doing a huge piece on this and there it is: right at the top. If they can make such a monster error, I think you can be largely excused.

    Toodle Pip!

    P.S. How is married life treating you? I meant to say "congrats and all that" but signally failed to do so.

  5. PG – I cut and pasted from then – initially within quotation marks and everything, but I reckoned a link would suffice. Didn't even think about it, to be honest.

    Even with that little error, however, there's some good stuff to be found in that roundup.

    All else is rather pleasing.

  6. Thank you very much for the promotion, NM.
    I apologize for the monster error. I got a couple of emails over night…

    We received so many interesting, but very long last minute submissions on Saturday, which had to be reviewed and commented upon etc. I am not an English native speaker, so it does take me more time to write something. Due to being very tired I did not notice the mistake myself.

    I had started with "Six decades" and it somehow ended up into "sixty- years"…

    I am not much of a Beatles fan. Perhaps therefore my subconciousness refused to write "sixty-four"…

    Again, sorry for the faux pas and thanks for the promotion!

    The next carnival will be in exactly three months, i.e. on March 11, 2006, which happens to be the third anniversary of the Madrid attacks…

  7. Ooops, I mean March 11, 2006 will be the SECOND anniversary of the Madrid bombings.