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Looks different, eh?

This weekend has mostly been spent fiddling with HTML and CSS, and watching The West Wing. The results were mostly satisfying all round (Season 6 is a decided return to form).

Although I’m happy enough with it to roll it out, there are a few niggling problems with the code for this place – any help would be much appreciated. In Internet Explorer on PC the sidebars aren’t quite in the right place, and the title bar drops down a few pixels too low. In Firefox on the PC, the BlogAds box keeps shifting around the shop for no apparent reason. In both, the drop-down menu things in the sidebars don’t look right. There are doubtless more, and all are entirely due to my own lack of any kind of programming knowledge – this has been a case of trial and error.

Thanks once again to Chris for working out the initial template, and now – as I’ve had no chance to actually write anything this weekend (at least nothing that hasn’t involved vast numbers of triangular brackets), go check out the latest Britblog Roundup – good as ever, and in particular the Curious Hamster on Sir Ian Blair – the post I would have written this weekend had I not been overwhelmed with code stuff… The only addition I would make is that there is now a strong case to be made that Blair not only broke the law by not allowing the IPCC to check the scene of the Stockwell shooting, but also that he misled parliament – and either way the man is not fit to hold office any more. Then again, we knew that anyway…


  1. Not sold on the left column text plan, but I’ll get used to it.

    You’re definately missing a <title> tag at the top, my tab and title display just give the URL.

    Having been playing around with the blogger templating system all weekend, I feel the pain, and I’ve only just started. Still, pretty pleased with the idea so far, and my co-writer is coming up with some reasonable theory stuff. Then, he did do an MA on the subject.


    Must get around to getting West Wing DVDs, one of the few TV shows I miss now I abandoned broadcast TV.

  2. Very cool, and much nicer than the old site. Actually, I’m really impressed – I never realised blogger could look so good.

    Glad to hear you liked the new West Wing DVD. My girlfriend and I are of to buy our copy this week.

  3. Ta for favourable comments etc. As I say, it’s not perfect, but a definite improvement.

    One thing I didn’t realise was how the comments actually looked though. I quite like the box, but the two bits sticking up look a tad rubbish, and the test colour’s wrong in places. Looks like more trial and error fiddling’s in order…

  4. Oh, and MatGB – welcome to the blogroll (and please note I’ve finally dropped the extraneous “t”…)

  5. Is this the same Sir Ian Blah who as one of his first actions changed the font of his “mission statement” because it was too hard to read? Was it his firearms squad who complained they couldn’t see properly? After all, “how unseasonable is that jacket? How black is that rucksack?”

    Problem is that I can understand and agree with the response of the average copper on the ground – it’s the tiny percentage (the tiny, armed percentage) that scare the shit out of me….

  6. I thank you sir. You only spelled it wrong once anyway…

    Oh, while setting it up, I found this handy little tag
    <a href=”http://www.livejournal.com/users/nosemonkey/”><img src=”http://img382.imageshack.us/img382/2509/ljsyn3bo.gif” alt=”Image Hosted by ImageShack.us” title=”Syndicated on LiveJournal” border=”0″ width=”80″></a>

    I like and will continue to use livejournal as a blogroll, and it wasn’t me set your feed up, found it by chance. For those that like LJ, letting them know you’re on there is a plan?

    I’m kinda enjoying it, just trying to make sure we get the tone right before I ramble on about the storied I’ve found too much.

  7. Great new design. I’m so jealous it might just motivate me to do something about my own terminally dull design (then again, maybe not).

    The new look is easier to read and looks slick and professional. Good one.

  8. And even the “nosemonkey” looks better…

  9. The West Wing is amazing. I’ve only ever watched the first three seasons though, for fear of it going a bit pants after Rob Lowe leaves and after Aaron Sorkin, the genius behind it all, leaves. Hrrrrrm, should I shut up and watch the rest of the seasons? Answers on a post card or via an email please!

  10. Dan – Season 4 is top-notch, with one of the best cliff-hangers going at the end. Season Five is a bit weaker with the departure of old Aaron, but Rob Lowe is hardly missed a jot. With Season Six, neither’s Sorkin – completely back to form. Watch ’em all.

  11. It’s looking very professional, and agree that it’s easier to read. Nice one.

    Unfortunately, this does mean I’ll probably end up spending an afternoon failing miserably to improve my rather crap template.
    *shakes fist*

  12. Nice new look, and I notice your a large mammal now. Congrats!

    As for West Wing, truly inspired TV. I really liked the character who replaced Rob Lowe (and I was a huge Sam fan) and (Will, was it?) turned into one of my favorite characters.

    Haven’t watched it since I moved here–is the last season available? Should I get it? Is it still even on?

  13. Internet Explorer is the Sir Iain Blair of web browsers… stuff it. It works fine in the proper ones, though the minor point of the header image (the huge nosemonkey thing) is still pointing to the test blog. Oh, and any chance of a better qulity image than that .gif? Less of curse the funky grainy effect is actually what’s desired?

    *end nag* :D

  14. Oops, must have had a cached page, the header link is fine now… prior nag still stands though. :P

  15. Kathy – Seasons 1-6 currently available on DVD. Channel 4 are being dicks about showing it on terrestrial though.

    Jonathan – .gif was simply to keep filesize down, and didn’t seem as pixelated to start with. The colours are also a bit off, which is irritating. Might test out .jpg versions this evening. The Europhobit logo looks crap, so that was going to be re-thought anyway – might as well have a fiddle with the main one while I’ve got Photoshop open.

    By the by – anyone got any suggestions as to how I can sort out the Comments? The line border thing’s extending too far at the top and some of the text colour’s off, and I have no idea how to fix it.