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German elections: less than a week

German elections: Less than a week to go, and Schr�der seems to be making a last minute comeback. There’s a good overview of the complexities of the German voting system at European Tribune, explaining the potential coalitions (also discussed – in a bite-sized, easy-to-understand post – at Fistful), while Der Spiegel looks at Schr�der’s chances. Meanwhile Deutsche Welle looks at whether Dresden could tit everything up thanks to the death of a Nazi delaying the vote – just as indications that there could be a fair few disputes over the count increase by the day.

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  1. I see you have him on your blogroll already, but in case you've missed it, Neil at In Actual Fact has a few entries about the election. He's going to write about Wahl Week (Election Week). No deep analysis so far, but still interesting.

    Haven't heard much (if anything) from my family in Germany about the elections so far, I guess they don't want to bother me with it or think I don't really care. Which is to a large extent true.

    Most of the other German bloggers here in the UK (and I've got several in my Expat Bloggers list) don't seem to have much of an opinion about the elections either.

    Interesting to see you guys care more about them than us ;-)