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Hearing reports of “smoke pouring out of a bus on the Gray’s Inn Road” – which runs up to King’s Cross, for those who don’t know. Also helicopters over Camden to the north.

Will try and find out more, as per.

15:25 – BBC tickertape reports police investigating an “incident” and that the roads have been closed. No confirmation for about 15 minutes though, and the usually sensationalist Sky have nothing, and nor do ITV News, despite having offices on that street. Could merely be a knackered engine. Dunno…

15:32 – Sky page with a traffic camera picture which shows precisely nothing of any use.

15:36 – BBC page up – calling it a “smoking bus”, which summons up images of a double-decker slouched against a wall, the collar of its leather jacket up, eyeing people suspiciously James Dean style while sucking on a roll-up. That could just be me though…

15:42 – A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “There was a small fire on a bus and it seems there was a bag found as well. Nobody was injured.”

A Transport for London spokesman said: “The incident involved a 205 bus close to King’s Cross. Buses in the area have been delayed.”
Sky reporting Fire Brigade called out to a “small fire” on the bus, police called in when a suspect package found. Either way, sounds minor.

15:48 – All over. Police have declared it’s a false alarm.


  1. There's a photo on Sky here. But not much information.

  2. half-three in the afternoon is hardly prime terrorism-time

    As you say, minor. Meh, move it on people, nothing to see here…

  3. Yep – but Thursday lunchtime' hardly prime terrorism time either. Don't forget we're dealing with fuckwits…

  4. This'll take away what little coverage there's been of the people who were arrested for protesting in Parliament Square.

  5. The Evening Strangler really did a number on this: New Terror Alert Seals Off London. Errr…it wasn't a "terror" alert, it didn't seal anything off (the police did) and London was most definitely not sealed off (I bought the Strangler at Waterloo station just before catching a train out of sealed-off London).

    Better yet, they ran the world's worst front-page pic: a big photo of a bus in an empty street, with a red circle around the bus as if you might miss it…all that was missing was an arrow and the word BUS