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  1. Nope. I agree with the thrust of it, but there is no way that I will associate with that list of scumbags. Would someone like to organise "Decent people who really are for liberty instead of using it as a front for nefarious purposes"? Item one on the agenda: a better name.

  2. Hi nosemonkey, nice blog found you after 7/7 or whatever other ludicrous acronym was invented. TV director type here – is it just me or is it a tad insensitive of C4 to transmit 'The Drum', followed by 'The Four Feathers' this afternoon? I think we should be told……….

  3. dearieme – I know what you mean – that's part of the reason I've been spending so long pondering the invitation to sign that "Unite Against Terrorism" thing…

    Saltounboy – not as insensitive as Channel 5's decision to broadcast the Quentin Tarantino episode of CSI focussing on a suicide bombing on 19th July, I'd imagine…

  4. I'd've suicide-bombed C5 if they hadn't shown the Tarantino episode of CSI – indeed, I thought they were being ludicrously oversensitive when they cancelled the originally scheduled 12 July showing.

  5. After reading the cast list, I decided to pass; on the grounds:-"Good cause, lousy supporters!"