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In search of a European identity


Here’s a prime example of why I drifted away from being Eurosceptic. I mean, who’d want to be associated with someone like this?

This pompous idiot appears as the main pictoral illustration to this article on Der Spiegel’s English language site about the current rebate spat. (Which is actually rather a nice overview, if you haven’t got bored of it already.) But is this how our European cousins really see us? Christ… No wonder they don’t take us seriously in negotiations. This sort of thing really does tend to stop me from having any pride in being British anymore – largely because that kind of ostentatious gloating is entirely against the traditional national character. What a tit. Defending Britain by acting in an entirely un-British manner – and misplacing apostrophes to boot. Nice one.
Update – national identity discussions aplenty at Stumbling and Mumbling.


  1. Nosemonkey, this chap reminds me of a quote I heard from a British D-Day veteran "He's the kind of bloke that talks endlessly about the war. He talks about how Great Britain is and how he will defend it to his dying breath. And when the shooting starts, he's the first to run for cover. In short, he's an arse". The actual conversation was about someone who turned similarly dressed to a Rememberance Sunday parade.

  2. I couldn't agree more NM. I keep seeing this prat on TV and every time I do I also get a sense of revulsion. Britain is so much more than the tired old stereotypes that this pathetic man represents. However, embarassing as it is in terms of our European partners, I hope he continues to stick around. Somewhat sadly, and in the absence of a decent campaign by pro-Europeans, I would also have to agree that he is the best recruiting tool the pro-European camp has. Every time I see him my affection for the Blue and Gold grows.

  3. I'm always wary of 'I don't like x because all x are y' type comments. It's the foundation for pretty much all racist thought. Eurosceptics are as much of a mixed bag as Europhobes. For the almost exact reverse of your post, see Polly's diatribe against all things British in the Groan today.

  4. Sorry – that last bit about lovely Poll made no sense. I meant that her post brings out the same sense of feelings in my side of the debate – that she's a treacherous, Britain-hating Europhiliac.

    There are mad bastards on both sides of the fence, but it's best if we just ignore them.

  5. It's obviously not the whole reasoning behind my switch, but it certainly doesn't help…

    But now you've reminded me of the existence of la Toynbee I may start shunting back towards the right – self-righteous maniacs like her on the left put me off just as much as preening loons on the right. I generally try and hover around the middle ground, but that's increasingly populated with idiots as well.

    Of course, the benefit of left and centre is that those lot seem to be less inclined to dress up like rejects from Gilray cartoons…

  6. Yes, but that makes them much easier to spot and avoid.

  7. "Of course, the benefit of left and centre is that those lot seem to be less inclined to dress up like rejects from Gilray cartoons…"

    Erm, you obviously hasn't been hanging around any major (or minor) anti-globo rally! Papier mache for everyone! :P

  8. Blimpish – true – those little white wristband things are a bugger to see from a distance. Although at least those buggers with the clipboards scrounging for handouts have to wear those vest things now…

    Anonymous – no fear. You'll never see me near one of those things – far too many hippies.

  9. Jesus, dude, calm down. He's only a twat in a hat. If some poor old duffer like this – bless him – is enough to make you change your entire political view, don't you think that says something striking about you, as well as him?!
    Patriotism means a lot to many people. Some people express it in a sensitive middle class way, listening to Elgar, reading John of Gaunt's speech, marvelling at the Magna Carta in the British Library. Others have a chavvier, or dafter approach. and why shouldn't they?
    Leave him alone you tossing great wanker. Your feelings are pure snobbery, based – perhaps – on some class issues of your own. No?
    As for Toynbee, she epitomises the Britain-hating leftish wankiness that Orwell pinioned so well sixty years ago. The people who would rather hate their own country than appear uncomplicatedly patriotic, and therefore working class.
    Chill out!

  10. Anonymous #3 – methinks you somewhat overestimated the ratio of seriousness/hyperbole in this post.

    Still, I'm intrigued by the class issues thing – care to elaborate? I'm intrigued to see how my social background comes across via the medium of text.

    (Oh, and for the record, I think you may have somewhat misinterpreted Orwell's political opinions – although I'll admit to being no expert on the guy. Feel free to continue slagging off Toynbee though.)