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General election blog roundup 23

Are you bored of democracy yet? Ready to succumb to the maniacal ramblings of a one-man dictatorship? Well, Tony Blair’s going to be re-elected with yet another massively unhealthy majority tomorrow if you are, Justin “Chicken Yoghurt” McKeating is here with the latest election blog roundup if you aren’t.

Actually, Blair’s going to be returned with yet another massively unhealthy majority tomorrow either way… Sorry about that…

I are currently excessively busy and knackered helping set up a new project type thing, about which I should be able to inform everyone tomorrow. In the meantime, that roundup whatsit should keep you going.

(Oh, and did anyone else see David Blunkett in the Mirror yesterday? “David Blunkett says the Liberal Democrats are bad for families” – coming from a man who got another man’s wife pregnant and then got involved in a slanging match and high-profile legal battle over the paternity of a second child? Genius…)

Quickie update: Oh, and go read this letter to Tony Blair from Yank blogger KathyF. Top stuff. And yes, you did read the name right – a female blogger… Will wonders never cease?

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  1. Sperm is neither liberal nor democratic.