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General election blog roundup 16

I am bloody knackered. I hope at some point later today to have some kind of brilliant insight into something or other – quite what I don’t yet know – but for now this should be more than enough to keep you going.

And if not – or if you’re bored with our damp squib of an election campaign – Togo may be the next place to keep an eye on.

You may also have missed Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation speech. Both The Russian Dilettante and Siberian Light have good analysises/analyses/analysisisisisss (or whatever the hell the plural of analysis is).

Talking of Russia, this piece on Russia-EU relations is worth a look and all.

By the way – anyone reckon I should take next Friday off to enable me to get pissed, liveblog the election and not worry about work the next day, or is the whole thing way too predictable to bother? Let me know – I’m in no fit state to make any decisions myself, but I do know I need a day off…


  1. Well, i don't approve of the drinking (is against God's law), but would want the most detailed, live, real post about it you can givea and besides, days off from work are always fun. Whichever you like.