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Another political test thing

Via Robin Grant. It’s pissing infuriating, but interesting nonetheless: Political Survey 2005.

The first page of results seems moderately accurate for a change. Then it goes apeshit mental. Take it, go on. Post your results in the comments if you like – could be fun.

Here are my results, if you’re interested. For people who aren’t interested enough to click, apparently I am “likely to be fairly internationalist and rehabilitationist” and “slightly free-market and pro-war”. Apart from the very last bit, probably fair enough.

And here’s the second page of results – my supposed views on “crime and punishment, Europe, and other transnational issues including immigration and international law”, which I dispute utterly. If I’m “very left wing” then what the pissing hell is Marx? “98.3% are significantly to your right”? Fucking bollocks.

This, for the record, seems primarily to be based on the utterly flawed assumption that support of the EU is left-wing. Which, for anyone who knows anything at all about it, it blatantly is not. It has left-wing aspects, certainly, but try asking a French socialist what they reckon and you’ll get an entirely different take.

Oh, and can I just point out that on that second page, I DID NOT tell them I intend to vote for the Lib Dems. I said that I was undecided. Which I am – until today I thought I was decided, but I spotted an article written by my current MP which has changed my opinion about them. And yes, I regularly read the Guardian. I also regularly read the Times, the Telegraph, the New York Times, Le Monde and The Washington Post. But there wasn’t more than one option.

And now page three – my supposed views on “public and private involvement in the economy, international trade, redistributive taxation… and Iraq.” Here I end up “slightly right of centre”, which seems about right.

(By the way, in case anyone’s wondering about the excess swearing – yes, yes I am indeed drunk as I write this. It is, after all, nearly 1am on a Friday night / Saturday morning…)


  1. This, for the record, seems primarily to be based on the utterly flawed assumption that support of the EU is left-wing.

    Um, no it doesn't. It plots beliefs on an axis that happens to run from left to right, but that doesn't mean it correlates with the general perception of 'left-wing' and 'right-wing'.

    You can see Chris' explanation of the methodology and assumptions behind the survey here.

  2. Ah. OK… There's a methodology and stuff. Didn't spot that last night (largely due to not being able to focus). I would read through now, but my brain hurts too much. Ta, anyway.

  3. There must be something flawed in this test because according to the third page of my results:

    "Based on the answers you've given us, we judge that of the well-known parties, BNP voters have views most like yours."

    and yet for the x axis:…

    "Compared to the whole population…

    * 0.0% are significantly to your left
    * 1.0% have views about the same as yours
    * 99.0% are significantly to your right"


  4. I think the BNP thing is a bug, not a feature – both because of the small number of BNP voters in the data, and because they ended up in the middle, so they end up as the 'best fit' for anyone roughly in the centre, just because they don't have as many data points in the survey so they don't appear to be as spread out as the other parties grouped around the centre.