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Fuck the bid

Today London Mayor Ken Livingstone is in Brussels to promote the 2012 Olympics bid. Yet more wastage in pursuit of a project which will cost each and every London Council Taxpayer an extra �20 a year for the privilege of having their city plagued by garish advertising for the next eight years and then utterly congested for two weeks at the height of summer when the event goes ahead. Brilliant. Nice one, Ken.

Thusly, a shoddily and hastily put together little piccie thing:


  1. I'm more than willing to waste �20 a year on bread and circuses, if that's what it takes to get the government to stump up the cash for Thameslink 2000, Crossrail and the East/North London Line…

  2. I'd agree with you entirely – if I had any faith that the Olympics nonsense is going to have any effect on the Crossrail bid. <a HREF="http://www.crossrail.co.uk/80256B090053AF4C/*view*/EF7D8296CCC1C51480256EA20057BD5C&quot; rel="nofollow">It doesn't look like it will, and in any case, most sources agree that Crossrail wouldn't be ready in time for the games.

    Naturally, if London wins the bid there will be fringe infrastructure benefits. I can't and won't deny it. I just think that the current and ongoing needs of London's commuters should outweigh the potential future needs of a bunch of overpaid athletes – especially as those needs will be for a grand total of a fortnight.

    There's also the question of just how much money has already been wasted on all those migrane-inducing adverts plastered all over the tube – money which we will have no chance of getting back if and when we fail to secure the sodding thing.

  3. At the risk, nay the very certainly of appearing pedantic, you might want to check your policeman figures.

  4. The problem is that everyone still dreams of the Los Angeles Olympic of 1984, the last Olympic that actually improved local traffic (I was there then, and still here now). It really set up unrealistic expectation regarding how thing should've been run.

  5. DM Andy – my maths is shit, and I'll be the first to admit it. But from what I can tell, the average police constable's salary is ï¿&frac12;20,000 p.a.

    ï¿&frac12;3.37 billion divided by 20,000 is 118,750. Divided by 20, that's 5,937.5. Those are my workings. They may well be bollocks – if so, my maths is at fault.